Oreo Brownie Trifle by Rachel Luongo

Printable Recipe

Contest #1-Desserts

Recipe Creator: Rachel LuongoIngredients:

• Two boxes of your favorite fudgy brownie mix. (I used Ghirardelli double chocolate brownie mix)
• One – two packages of double stuffed Oreos. (Depending on how much you love Oreos)
• Two jars of store bought hot fudge.  (Feel free to use any brand or even make your own)
• Two packages of cream cheese. (Room temperature)
• One package of instant vanilla pudding. (Any brand)
• Two packages of instant chocolate pudding. (Any brand)
• Two containers of cool whip.

1. Make the brownies following the box directions. Cut into small squares.
2. Crush all the Oreos into pieces, set aside.
3. Make vanilla and chocolate pudding according to packages. Set aside.
4. Take softened cream cheese and beat until smooth.
5. Fold vanilla pudding into softened cream cheese. Set aside.
6. Fold one container of cool whip with the chocolate pudding to create a mouse.
7. Heat hot fudge until smooth and liquid-y

To assemble:
• Start by pouring some hot fudge into the bottom of your trifle dish.
• Next place the brownies into a single layer.
• Next, layer with the chocolate Mouse.
• Cover mouse with a layer of Oreo crumbs.
• Next, layer cream cheese pudding mixture.
• Pour hot fudge over cream cheese layer.
• Repeat steps until trifle dish is almost full.
• Top with cool whip and Oreo crumbs. 


Meet The Chef:

My names Rachel Luongo and I’m 24 years old.
I’ve lived in Southington my whole life and love living here.
I grew up in the kitchen and have always loved cooking and baking.
Coming from an Italian family, I’ve always been surrounded by food and the happiness it brings. I come from a long line of amazing cooks and I’m proud to be following in their footsteps!


Sources: http://scissorsandspatulas.com/2011/12/chocolate-brownie-trifle-recipe.html


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